Bitcoin ‘New Money’ PayPal Parody Gets Blocked

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The aged saying “imitation is a sincerest form of flattery” became quite applicable in a bitcoin village this week.

That was the case of what PayPal thinks about a new satire video that rips off a “New Money” blurb that was combined to run during Super Bowl 50. That video pitches PayPal as a “new money” resolution to a old-school financial universe that isn’t open outward of business hours.

“There’s a new income in town,” a content in a blurb reads. “PayPal is new money.”

This blurb was quite critical for PayPal as it was a company’s initial vital code debate of a form in such a high-profile environment that brought such a immeasurable audience. So, when a video executive took it into his possess hands to slice off PayPal’s thesis with a bitcoin parody, one could suppose that PayPal might not have been so flattered.

That executive was Shiloh Silverman, who

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