Bitcoin ‘New Money’ PayPal Parody Gets Blocked

The old saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” became particularly relevant in the bitcoin community this week.

That was the case of what PayPal thinks about a new parody video that rips off its “New Money” commercial that was created to run during Super Bowl 50. That video pitches PayPal as the “new money” solution to the old-school financial world that isn’t open outside of business hours.

“There’s a new money in town,” the text in the commercial reads. “PayPal is new money.”

This commercial was particularly important for PayPal as it was the company’s first major brand campaign of its type in such a high-profile setting that brought such a vast audience. So, when a video director took it into his own hands to rip off PayPal’s theme with a bitcoin parody, one could imagine that PayPal may not have been so flattered.

That director was Shiloh Silverman, who

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