Bitcoin News Roundup – 25 Oct. 2015

Recapping a week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around a web.

Virtual currencies could inspire terrorism financing. As Grace Caffyn of CoinDesk writes, a recently expelled news by a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) entitled “Emerging Terrorist Financing Risks” considers a bitcoin as a intensity hazard for fueling militant financing. FATF records that “digital currencies have captivated a courtesy of several rapist groups, including nonconformist organizations.” FATF also considers that a use of a digital banking will grow serve in a short-term, so augmenting a intensity risk acted on militant financing as good as a need for serve research, a news concludes.

Mayor of Barcelona favors a internal digital currency. As Samburaj Das of CryptoCoins News reports, Ada Colau, a new mayor of Barcelona is bearing a origination of a internal digital banking to boost a internal economy and trade and raise consumer spending within a city limits. Barcelona is a collateral city of Catalonia, an unconstrained village in Spain that seeks subdivision from a Spanish state. While a nation” of Catalonia might shortly pull skeleton for a executive bank, a Mayor of Barcelona is already operative towards a launch of a internal digital currency.

“Blockchain Alliance” opposite bitcoin-related


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