Suspects State Sponsored Attacks on Bitcoin Core Release

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Bitcoin has been in the government’s crosshairs across the world since it became popular. Now, a new warning has surfaced on – the quasi-official Bitcoin website expressing concerns about a potential threat., attack, Bitcoin Core, attack, Bitcoin Core

The latest update on the website cautions the Bitcoin community to be “extra careful” while downloading the new updates. With a new Bitcoin Core release around the corner, the website anticipates an attack by government-sponsored hackers on the Bitcoin Network. The Chinese Bitcoin community is speculated to be the most vulnerable to these attacks mainly due to two reasons.

  1. China is a major contributor to the Bitcoin network in terms of hashing power and trading activities.
  2. China has been the main focus of various intelligence agencies across the world in recent days.

The state-sponsored attackers are expected to target the community with compromised Bitcoin Core binaries. The use of such malware infected files may lead to the user participating in an attack on the network and/or loss of bitcoin.

“ has reason to suspect that the binaries for the upcoming Bitcoin Core release will likely be targeted

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