Warns Bitcoin Community of State-Sponsored Attack

Bitcoin Watch Shop, a website controlled by individuals selected by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto many years ago, officially released a warning that state-sponsored hackers may tamper with the binaries for the upcoming Bitcoin Core release, version 0.13.0.

When a piece of software is released, users can choose to download the open source version on repository hosting service providers like Github or from distributors like The issue with obtaining software from a distributor is if hackers with powerful and sophisticated malware target the distributor’s website, it could affect the files of the software.

The real danger of the attack surfaces when the website of the distributor fails to guard its assets with necessary resources and security measures. If and when an attacker successfully penetrates the website of the distributor, the attacker can carry out operations to significantly alter the files of software held by the website.

Such change in the core component in software can lead to detrimental effects to the network and users. For instance, downloading a contaminated version of the Bitcoin Core will highly likely lead to users losing funds from their wallets and having their computers and files compromised.

An attack of this caliber

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