Warns of Expected Attacks Amid Upcoming Bitcoin …

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A new post on the open-source website indicates its contributors have reason to believe the online resource may be targeted by malicious actors following an upcoming software release by Bitcoin Core developers. contributor Cobra-Bitcoin published a post today in which he indicated that certain resources the website intends to post following the Bitcoin Core development update could be the target of unspecified “state-sponsored attackers”.

At issue, the post asserts, is that generally posts binaries, or executable software versions of Bitcoin Core software releases, for developers who do not want to compile the source code issued by the open-source development team.

The offering is aimed at developers who do not want to undertake the recommended Gitian build process by which developers are given source code that allows them to construct the executable code for use.

The post reads:

“As a website, does not have the necessary technical resources to guarantee that we can defend ourselves from attackers of this calibre. We ask the Bitcoin community, and in particular the Chinese Bitcoin community to be extra vigilant when downloading binaries from our website.”

The post was published to the website without peer

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