Bitcoin Payments Enter Mexican University

Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) has announced that it will be accepting bitcoin payments from close to 8000 university students if any of them were to use it to buy a cuppa. Even though this move might seem to have come a bit late, it is now available and that’s what matters.

The coffee shop named Cafe Punta del Cielo has joined the likes of Canada’s Simon Fraser University, Spain’s Pompeu Fabra University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in United States. All these on the list accept bitcoin on their campuses. While some of these universities in the list either have a bitcoin ATM installed in the campus or they have shops that accept bitcoin in the campus.

The coffee shop in Mexican university uses bitcoin payment processing service provided by BitSo, to accept bitcoin payments. BitSo has a large presence in the region and they are still growing. Growth of BitSo in Mexico is further accelerated by the recent funding it received from a group of investors led by Digital Currency Group as part of a seed round.

The introduction of bitcoin payments in university campuses gives an opportunity for the students to learn about bitcoin and its role in current world economy. It generates curiosity among many students who otherwise wouldn’t have heard about bitcoin and encourages them to understand and experiment with bitcoin.



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