Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapse Looms in Vietnam

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Ever given a pregnancy of Bitcoin, there have been people and companies perplexing to disprove cryptocurrency. Some of them even go as distant as environment adult counsel Ponzi Schemes to deceive Bitcoin investors. Such a intrigue seems to be on a margin of fall in Vietnam. Hundreds of people have been burnt by this pyramid scheme, that seemed to rest on an MLM structure.

It is not a initial time a Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme will make media headlines. One of a biggest pyramid schemes of a kind called OneCoin, is still in operation to this really day. Despite a lot of fraud accusations, a association continues to attract investors. Once OneCoin collapses, a few thousand people will finally see this association for what it is.

Another Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Bites The Dust

A identical Ponzi Scheme is collapsing in Vietnam. A lot of investment promises were done to intensity customers. Once news started swelling about this sparkling opportunity, some-more people started to take notice of a company. Some victims even bought millions of shares- value a handful of Bitcoin – in a hopes of distinguished it rich.

As is customarily a box with these Ponzi Schemes, things go well

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