Bitcoin price was pulled lower today and began a corrective advance that has now paused. Analysis shows that at least one more small wave of decline can be expected.

From the analysis pages of, earlier today:

Our short trade was closed on the last green candle in this 4-hour chart view.

The question of what level the decline is targeting becomes relevant and will influence our decision to take another short trade to the next wave low. A wave count offers a preferred count as ABC and an alternate count of 12345.

RSI (second from top) is reverse diverged to the start of the entire wave up, but it lacks a final instance of divergence to the downside.

Divergence is flashing blue in the stochastics (top), and strong reverse divergence shows in the MACD indicator (bottom). These indications imply the present wave is nearing completion and it may continue correcting into Monday at current levels before embarking on the last subwave down, or a short fifth wave may punch lower today and see a reversal to the upside.