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We haven’t looked during Bitcoin in a few days, so currently let’s demeanour again during a daily chart, to get a demeanour during a medium-term environment. Here is a longhorn setup we looked during in a new past:

10_19a10_19aAs we can see, pricetime is labyrinth it’s approach by a 3rd arc pair.  Longer tenure this is bullish given when it gets out of a arc span it is expected to arise again.  But until it gets to a other side, with a clever tighten above a arc, it’s not so transparent what will occur while a in a span itself.

The red straight line shows that tomorrow is 120 degrees given a spike low of 6/22.  So we are during a prove in time that we can design something competence start tomorrow. But what? A annulment or an acceleration?

We will demeanour during a bear setup from a high to see what it suggests:

10_19b10_19bWe saw this bear setup previously.  The 1st 2 red arrows prove that a markets

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