Bitcoin Pushing Credit Cards out of Thriving Sex Industry

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With law coercion going after online sex trafficking of minors with a vengeance, Bitcoin practical banking is apropos a elite silver of a area for a sex industry.

Police and a FBI have battled chaperon services for decades in an bid to base out underage sex trafficking. Their many effective apparatus has been following credit label exchange and melancholy to tell information on sex consumers’ actions and payments.

Negative broadside badgered Craigslist into shutting down chaperon promotion on a adult calm sites in 2010, notwithstanding outrageous and essential traffic.

After Cook County Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart called a news discussion this summer to fact how he done 800 arrests for child harlotry over a final 6 years by tracking credit label payments, Visa and MasterCard were abashed into cutting-off processing of transactions for Backpage’s adult website.

Dart claimed that his bid was partial of a crackdown on rapist sex traffickers who “prey on a diseased and vulnerable.” He argued that a use of credit cards in a “violent” sex attention “implies an unjustifiable credit and clarity of normalcy” to bootleg exchange and increases a direct for “women and girls” who are mostly granted by “coercion and violence.”

But a announcement outraged supposed “sex workers” across

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