Bitcoin Remittance Startup Launches Bitwala Messenger

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Innovation is a driving factor in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitwala, a company, focusing on sending money quickly and safely by using the Bitcoin network, has introduced their new messenger feature. By using the Bitwala Messenger, platform users can send each other funds by just typing a regular command in the conversation.

Sending money through a communication protocol is nothing new under the sun. Various Fintech companies are working on building banking platforms on top of Facebook Messenger. Telegram users have been able to send money to each other as well for quite some time now, thanks to various cryptocurrency bots.

Bitwala Messenger Makes Requesting Money Convenient

But when it comes to taking this technology mainstream, something just does not seem to click right away. This is why Bitwala Messenger was launched, even though it is only accessible to platform users. The web app messenger lets customers interact with each other, and also send funds by entering a command through the conversation window.

Moreover, users can use Bitwala Messenger to request funds as well. If a friend or family member still has to pay you back, the user can send a reminder. If the other party

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