Bitcoin Shop, Inc. Deploys Transaction Verification Servers in New Facility …

Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), which is undertaking the build-out of a universal digital currency ecosystem, announced today that the Company has successfully deployed its transaction verification services servers in its new facility which will result in a 30% reduction in operating costs going forward when compared to the Company’s previous operations. BTCS has also acquired additional servers, which represent a 10% increase over its previously announced hashing power. The Company is now running transaction verification servers with hashing power of over 900 Th/s and should have an additional 80 Th/s online in a few days. Pictures of the new facility can be seen on the Company’s Facebook page here:

Charles Allen, CEO of BTCS, commented, “Following our well timed entry into the transaction verification services segment we have now completed the transition to our new facility. We plan to expand this segment of our business and believe it will be the revenue driver for our business as we continue to develop our universal digital currency ecosystem.”

The Company’s transaction verification services business, or digital currency mining, entails running specialized servers which solve a set of prescribed calculations to add a block of verified information to

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