Bitcoin Shows Signs of Maturity But Still Has A Long Way To Go

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One thing is virtually impossible to deny: Bitcoin adoption is increasing. In most cases, this only represents a marginal change. But looking at the bigger picture, one has to give Bitcoin credit where credit is due. Not only is the price increasing, but the number of transactions and unique wallet continues to grow. Cryptocurrency is far from going mainstream, but things are evolving in the right direction.

Multiple Signs of Bitcoin Maturity

In the early days of Bitcoin development, there were concerns over how this cryptocurrency would mature over time. Since hardly anyone seemed interested in the concept at first, it took quite some time before Bitcoin was seen as a commercial tool. The 10,000 Bitcoin pizza was just the first of many millions of Bitcoin transactions to take place around the world.

Looking at the charts today, it has become apparent Bitcoin is maturing in every aspect. Not only are there more transactions and unique users, but the price continues to rise. That latter aspect was not a guarantee either, considering. Bitcoins are still being mined today and will continue to be mined until 2140.

Somehow, the Bitcoin community has

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