Bitcoin startup seeks your votes for a fireside chat

Bitcoin startup Bitreserve today appealed for votes for a fireside chat entitled, “Beyond Banks: The future of a Fully Banked World!”.

The votes are needed within 72 hours as the SXSW PanelPicker is about to close down after which the votes won’t be considered.

In the proposed session, CEO of Bitreserve Anthony Watson will be seen teaming up with TechCrunch senior editor Jonathan Shieber to speak on how the new age technologies and fintech startups are working towards shaking up the traditional set-ups.

The session will address and cover the following points:

  • How Bitcoin companies such as Bitreserve are challenging banking systems.
  • How the fintech companies are helping in reaching out to those marginalized sections that need benefits such as savings, investment functions, operations but are unable to get them in the current banking system.
  • How to help these marginalized sections get these benefits in a safe and secure environment and how the cloud may act as an equalizing force for financial services.
  • The panel will also address the need and the benefits of unlocking finance for all the sections and why it has not been achieved till now.

This session, the Bitcoin startup claims, will clear a lot of doubts about the Bitcoin industry and will also create

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