“Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” Documentary Garners Several Awards

The documentary “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” has been released this week and the film already garnered several awards. Last weekend, it was awarded the Best International Documentary and the Best Libertarian Theme during the Freedom Fest. It also won the 2015 Special Jury Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival.

The documentary was produced and written by Torsten Hoffman, and licensed by international broadcasters and media companies including Neflix, CCTV, Samsung Electronics, Virgin Media, LG Electronics, Sky Deutschland, Orange and minor broadcasters in 20 countries.

Bitcoin Documentary

The film and its trailer can be viewed on Vimeo, with DVD copies of the documentary already shipped to its Kickstarter backers. Streaming links have also been made available to their crowdfunding supporters.

Central to the documentary’s theme is the current financial system in which central banks and governments hold so much control on money. The film introduces bitcoin as a concept that could disrupt the whole idea of money and how the cryptocurrency could pose solutions to financial problems such as hyperinflation or national debt troubles.

“The existing banking systems extract enormous value from society and is parasitic in nature,” Andreas M. Antonopolous explains in the trailer. The team has included interviews with

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