Bitcoin: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As increasing numbers of companies, both old and new, take the blockchain concept behind Bitcoin and adapt it to other uses, it’s easy to lose sight of something pretty basic: Bitcoin was not created as just an operating system, but as an actual currency that could be used to execute transactions.

The distributed ledger that enables those transactions was, for sure, a stroke of genius, but if Bitcoin as an entirety rather than just the blockchain concept is to survive and fulfill its potential, then increasing the number of transactions is essential.

For individuals who believe in the concept of a peer to peer currency, however, there is a limited amount that can be done to spread the word. Preaching at social gatherings can rapidly turn you into the insurance salesman at the party, lecturing others that they should be prepared and making it clear that you have the answer.

That strategy is particularly ineffective when talking to the millennial generation who are the key to Bitcoin’s future. They have no experience of inflation, so find it hard to see the benefits of a currency with limited supply, and they possess the sense of invincibility that only the young can ever feel.

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