Bitcoin: The Self Securing Network (Op-Ed)

While banks and investors look to the blockchain as a singular investment vehicle, they miss the fact that Bitcoin is not only the strongest distributed ledger in existence, but also resembles the natural patterns of basic biology. Hence, it is no wonder why some refer to Bitcoin as “perfect market.”

Natural law

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto created a protocol that was the closest version to computational consensus ever created. It is a self-securing system that’s powered by each individual node, miner and transaction.

Distributed consensus in the Bitcoin world can be analogous to the biological genetic process found in nature. By solving hash functions, miners act like a biological cell’s ribosome, which link amino acid chains together in the order specified by messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules.

With a constant onslaught of transactions from users, the blockchain assembles itself with symmetrically replicated structures, much like DNA found in biological life. This is why Bitcoin is called the “perfect market” because it’s a naturally forming system that’s similar to the self-propagating processes found in nature.

“So Satoshi didn’t just invent a new currency, Satoshi gave us the world’s first perfect market,” said Andreas

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