Bitcoin to Be Studied by the Australian Treasury

Bitcoin to Be Studied by the Australian Treasury

In an effort to understand and explore the possibilities presented by the innovation of bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, the Australian Federal Treasury will team up with Data61, a research unit of the Commonwealth to study bitcoin transactions in the bitcoin economy.

Data61, a research unit of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will join the Australian Federal Treasury and an undisclosed number of other government agencies in a nine-month study to understand the bitcoin blockchain.

In a media release, CSIRO asserts that while the adoption of distributed ledger technology was yet to occur even in the financial services industry, the potential of the innovation could mean widespread deployment, across multiple sectors in the future.

The study will entail focusing on any potential benefits and increased efficiency gained in productivity for the Australian economy, with the application of blockchain technology. Proof-of-concept projects will be also evaluated by Data61 researchers along with industry experts and other areas of government.

The review will also seek to develop and provide practical use cases

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