Bitcoin Unlimited Team May Have Received Stolen Kraken Funds

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A few months ago, there was a news per a Kraken sell user pang from a teenager hack. Although this news has left by mostly unnoticed, some users have been gripping tabs on a funds. As it turns out, a supports have finished adult in a concession residence for Bitcoin Unlimited. A coincidence, or did a hacker comprehend there is no approach to modify a stolen funds, to start with?

Bitcoin Unlimited Receives Stolen Exchange Funds

This story dates behind to Jul 20, 2016, a day on that a Reddit user reported his Kraken comment had suffered from a hack. Although it stays misleading who is behind this theft, or because it occurred in a initial place, a stolen supports did not pierce until scarcely a month later. Ever given Aug 18, a supports has been relocating between opposite Bitcoin addresses.

One Reddit user conducted a thorough contaminate research that follows some of a stolen funds. It is critical to note this research contains a residence allegedly stolen from, and a residence this stolen supports was sent to. Despite a hacker regulating supposed Bitcoin blending services, it is still probable to snippet behind some of a transactions.