Bitcoin wallet Copay boasts of dynamic transaction fees

 Copay which proudly claims to be a true Bitcoin wallet and not just an account service has released another update with its version 1.1.3 which has features such as dynamic transaction fees, ability to prevent initiating transactions with unconfirmed funds, and advanced sending options. Copay was taken out of beta in the month of June this year while the company was also taking heed of the community’s feedback to make the software more user-friendly.

Now Copay has chosen to focus on giving its users the option of dynamic transaction fees to prepare for any upcoming tests on the Bitcoin network.

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According to Bitcoin Company CoinWallet, which will conduct a stress test on the Bitcoin network in September, there would be a 30-day backlog in confirming transactions.

Copay has also added an advanced sending feature to the “send” User Interface which will allow the users to access the dynamic fees directly through the sending interface and pick between three priority levels which will reflect varying mining fees.

A user will also be able to allow or prevent spending of unconfirmed funds in the advanced settings that Copay has worked on

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