Bitcoin Wednesday Hosting Exciting Lineup On September 2nd

All over the world, there are regular Bitcoin Meetups.  Attending such an event is a great opportunity to have discussions about virtual currencies with like-minded people, as well as getting to know other Bitcoin enthusiasts.  Lately, Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam is firing on all cylinders, as their upcoming event, features some very prominent speakers.

Bitcoin Wednesday – Colored Coins, Bitcoin XT, Jeremy Pitt More!

Bitcoin enthusiasts living in or near the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands will have heard of the Bitcoin Wednesday concept by now.  Every first Wednesday of the month, a large group of Bitcoin enthusiasts get together for dinner and drinks, after which they move to a specific location to attend some interesting talks and presentations.

The next Bitcoin Wednesday event is coming up on September 2nd and offers a lot of interesting topics and names.  In this day and age, a Bitcoin meetup without a healthy discussion about the block size debate would be next to impossible.  Bitonic CEO Jouke Hofman will explain the company’s stance on BIP101 and their opposition to the ideas presented by Mike Hearn.

Bitcoin’s block size debate has been the source of major controversy in recent weeks, as companies seem to be in favour of BIP101, whereas the largest mining pools are opposing the solution.  In the end, a solution has to be applied to increase the block size limit, regardless of the new size.

Another interesting topic of conversation is the creation of colored coins and tying those coins to Euro tokens for a major central bank.  Chromaway has been working together with Estonian bank LHV for quite some time now on this project.  CEO Henrik Hjelte will share his take on emerging best practices to unify virtual currency technology with the existing financial infrastructure.

Ascribe is one of those Bitcoin startups nearly everyone in the world has heard of by now.  Digital ownership is a difficult hurdle to tackle, both for copyright claim issuers and content creators.  Owning a piece of code, for example, is next to impossible, as the information can be copied freely without regard for ownership.

Rather than relying on current DRM technology – which is both annoying and hardly doing anything to solve the problem – Ascribe will register and protect virtual property on the Internet.  The company does so by using blockchain technology to create a timestamped proof of ownership on a public ledger, including all of the appropriate legal requirements.Meetup

Last but not least, Bitcoin Wednesday will host a presentation by Professor Jeremy Pitt.  Not only is he a professor at the Imperial College in London, but Jeremy Pitt is also an avid fan of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.  The topics of self-governance and self-organization are of great interest to him and he will share his vision on how this new disruptive technology can play a role in achieving those goals.

Setting The Tone For Future Events

It is clear that the Bitcoin Wednesday organizers have spared no effort and expense to create an awesome meetup in Amsterdam this week.  While the presentations are more than enough reasons to attend this event, networking with like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts remains the main goal of these events.

Keep in mind that advanced registration for this event is mandatory, due to limit spacing.  Reservations can be made through the Bitcoin Wednesday Meetup website.

Source: Bitcoin Wednesday Blog

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