Bitcoin Wednesday Hosting Exciting Lineup On September 2nd

All over the world, there are regular Bitcoin Meetups.  Attending such an event is a great opportunity to have discussions about virtual currencies with like-minded people, as well as getting to know other Bitcoin enthusiasts.  Lately, Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam is firing on all cylinders, as their upcoming event, features some very prominent speakers.

Bitcoin Wednesday – Colored Coins, Bitcoin XT, Jeremy Pitt More!

Bitcoin enthusiasts living in or near the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands will have heard of the Bitcoin Wednesday concept by now.  Every first Wednesday of the month, a large group of Bitcoin enthusiasts get together for dinner and drinks, after which they move to a specific location to attend some interesting talks and presentations.

The next Bitcoin Wednesday event is coming up on September 2nd and offers a lot of interesting topics and names.  In this day and age, a Bitcoin meetup without a healthy discussion about the block size debate would be next to impossible.  Bitonic CEO Jouke Hofman will explain the company’s stance on BIP101 and their opposition to the ideas presented by Mike Hearn.

Bitcoin’s block size debate has been the

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