Bitcoin Weekly 2016 February 10: Steam getting Bitcoin payments, Simplex $7m Series A, Coin Center raises $1m …

Bitcoin may be getting a boost with a potential unfolding partnership between Valve Corporation and BitPay, Inc.! Redditors have discovered payment code in Valve’s video game distribution platform Steam that will allow bitcoin payments for US customers.

In Bitcoin finance, credit card processing company Simplex announced $7 million in Series A funding to assist Bitcoin exchanges with accepting credit cards without fear of back charges. The Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, a blockchain project with a number of large banks on board, announced new members increasing the count to 28.

In Bitcoin regulation and law news, Coin Center announced $1 million raised for the non-profit to continue education on the regulatory atmosphere surrounding Bitcoin.

Curious about the Bitcoin scalability debate and segregated witness? Keep reading and watch the Epicenter Bitcoin podcast video below with CEO of Ciphrex Eric Lombrozo who explains the proposal and its implications for the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin market price is currently at $384 ( and is rising once again after a dip from $384 on February 5, which saw the market value fall to $375.

Steam Inventory Service Announcment

Valve Corporation’s Steam digital distribution game platform not only sells video

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