Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Jun 13: Ubiquity genuine estate proof-of-transfer on blockchain, Stroj and Counterparty …

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This week has seen countless developments in a Bitcoin and blockchain industry. For example, blockchain-powered startup Ubiquity only used a Bitcoin blockchain and a Colored Coins custom to firmly record a genuine estate transfer. Storj and Counterparty have teamed adult to work on an present micropayment custom called “picopayments” to turn adult microtransactions on a Bitcoin blockchain.

Do we play Pokémon GO and have a Bitcoin wallet on your phone? Keep reading for another reason to equivocate non-official APKs downloaded from APK counterpart sites for Android phones. (Spoiler: Malware putrescent Pokémon GO APKs in a furious could discredit your wallet.) Also, gamer meddlesome in removing into a pre-release of No Man’s Sky, set for recover in August, can use bitcoin to buy in.

Finally, Coinbase had a brief all-hands-outage final night, though all is normal again.

As for a Bitcoin market, with Brexit and a Halvening, things are surprisingly calm. Bitcoin marketplace value staid out currently around $664 USD ( down from around $680 a week ago. The initial dump occurred around Jul 7 to a low of $620, though recovered fast to stay around $650 for many of a week until a arise starting Jul 12 causing

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