Bitcoin Weekly 2016 June 13: Ubiquity real estate proof-of-transfer on blockchain, Stroj and Counterparty …

This week has seen numerous developments in the Bitcoin and blockchain industry. For example, blockchain-powered startup Ubiquity just used the Bitcoin blockchain and the Colored Coins protocol to securely record a real estate transfer. Storj and Counterparty have teamed up to work on an instant micropayment protocol called “picopayments” to level up microtransactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Do you play Pokémon GO and have a Bitcoin wallet on your phone? Keep reading for another reason to avoid non-official APKs downloaded from APK mirror sites for Android phones. (Spoiler: Malware infected Pokémon GO APKs in the wild could endanger your wallet.) Also, gamer interested in getting into the pre-release of No Man’s Sky, set for release in August, can use bitcoin to buy in.

Finally, Coinbase had a brief all-hands-outage last night, but everything is normal again.

As for the Bitcoin market, with Brexit and the Halvening, things are surprisingly calm. Bitcoin market value settled out today around $664 USD ( down from around $680 a week ago. The initial drop occurred around July 7 to a low of $620, but recovered quickly to stay around $650 for most of the week until a rise starting July 12 causing

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