Bitcoin Weekly 2016 June 9: OpenBazaar expands version 1.1.6, Steam stops Russia BTC payments, Trezor Password …

As Bitcoin and blockchain technology continue to mature the news appears to have shifted heavily towards the cultural and technological influence of the Bitcoin blockchain. Partnerships and developer conferences continue to emerge on the horizon as adoption continues.

In this Bitcoin Weekly we will explore updates to OpenBazaar, new stores adding themselves to the distributed, open marketplace and version updates. The Vanbex Group, a blockchain technology innovator, have partnered with a Chinese blockchain company who run a Bitcoin exchange. Also, for some unknown reason digital gaming distribution platform Steam has stopped Bitcoin payments from Russia.

For people uncertain about master passwords stored in the cloud, SatoshiLabs has released the TREZOR Password Manager, which stores the master encryption password on a hardware device.

Finally, two days left to buy tickets to the With the Best Blockchain Developer Conference happening online this weekend (June 11) featuring expert coders, talks about the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, smart contracts, service APIs and more.

As for the Bitcoin market, last week’s boost into the $500 range has stuck and pushed up closer to $600, it is currently at $578.68 USD ( Last week after the last Bitcoin Weekly the market value stayed around $540,

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