Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Mar 16: Microsoft incorrectly removes Bitcoin …

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This week Microsoft silently private a Bitcoin remuneration choice from a Windows 10 and Windows Mobile stores–but once it was detected a association fast remarkable that it was a “mistake.”

The once puzzling association 21 Inc. continues to uncover a possess efforts to change peer-to-peer markets and a Internet of Things by releasing a proof-of-concept for a distributed 21 Bitcoin Marketplace with a explanation of concept. Ping21 allows owners of 21 Bitcoin Computers to run a use that can be accessed around an API to send pings and lapse network information for bitcoin.

Bitcoin businessman processor use and Bitcoin infrastructure association BitPay, Inc. recently announced a partnership with Bloq, Inc. to raise a Bitcore developer height that provides Bitcoin node services as good as a Bitcoin blockchain API library. The partnership integrates Bloq’s enterprise-grade Bitcoin blockchain height product.

The “2016 Year of a Blockchain” continues as good with new uses for a Bitcoin blockchain being presented. First, BitPay expelled an open source plan called “I Did This” on Github enabling papers to be purebred with “proof of existence” on a Bitcoin blockchain regulating a company’s Bitcore service. Next, digital rights height association Blockai lifted $547 thousand in seed appropriation to yield a user

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