Bitcoin Weekly 2016 March 16: Microsoft mistakenly removes Bitcoin …

This week Microsoft silently removed the Bitcoin payment option from the Windows 10 and Windows Mobile stores–but once it was discovered the company quickly noted that it was a “mistake.”

The once mysterious company 21 Inc. continues to show its own efforts to revolutionize peer-to-peer markets and the Internet of Things by releasing a proof-of-concept for its distributed 21 Bitcoin Marketplace with a proof of concept. Ping21 allows owners of 21 Bitcoin Computers to run a service that can be accessed via an API to send pings and return network information for bitcoin.

Bitcoin merchant processor service and Bitcoin infrastructure company BitPay, Inc. recently announced a partnership with Bloq, Inc. to enhance its Bitcore developer platform that provides Bitcoin node services as well as a Bitcoin blockchain API library. The partnership integrates Bloq’s enterprise-grade Bitcoin blockchain platform product.

The “2016 Year of the Blockchain” continues as well with new uses for the Bitcoin blockchain being presented. First, BitPay released an open source project called “I Did This” on Github enabling documents to be registered with “proof of existence” on the Bitcoin blockchain using the company’s Bitcore service. Next, digital rights platform company Blockai raised $547 thousand in seed funding to provide a user

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