Bitcoin World Sceptical About Claims Craig Wright is Satoshi

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The bitcoin world reacted with a mixture disbelief, open scepticism and aloofness at the latest claims that Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym of Australian Craig S Wright.

Wired published a piece fingering Craig Wright as bitcoin’s anonymous creator. Gizmodo also named Wright in an article published two hours after Wired. Both publications relied, in part, on a cache of leaked emails during their investigations.

Since then Wright’s home and office have been raided by Australian tax authorities, who say the actions are unrelated to the publication of claims that he is Satoshi.

While mainstream media commentators and observers lauded the pieces for their rigour, the bitcoin world appeared unconvinced that Wright is indeed the man behind the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Jeff Garzik, who has communicated with Satoshi Nakamoto directly, produced a tweetstorm casting doubt on the Wired and Gizmodo claims, saying that he is “reasonably confident” that he has never met the bitcoin inventor in person.

Whistleblower group Wikileaks also issued a string of tweets saying that it refutes the claim that Wright is Satoshi.

The organisation said it “assessed that Craig

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