Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Computer Launched, Ecuador Censorship


This week saw some modest gains in the Bitcoin price. While this growth was far from extreme, it was indeed fairly unexpected. Last week, the price entered a sideways pattern that threatened to point downward, coming off of some bearish activity. Most of this week remained in that same pattern, but the markets pulled upward late Sunday night.

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Daily Bitcoin Price Action

  • September 21: $229.28
  • September 22: $227.02
  • September 23: $230.79
  • September 24: $230.41
  • September 25: $233.58
  • September 26: $234.73
  • September 27 Open: $233.55
  • September 27 Close: $236.39

Total change: +3.10%

Monday, September 21. 2015 kicked off the week with the Bitcoin price at $229.28, well within that high $220s to low $230s range established last week. Rather than sit still though, the price decided to trend downwards. By noon, the price had fallen to $227, after which it stayed fairly flat for a few hours. The price dipped again at 5 and 6 PM, but recovered in the following hours. The day closed downward, though, sitting at $227.

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