Bitcoins & Gold in a Cloud? Bitwage Releases Cloud Savings

As national economies and currencies are folding like tents worldwide, from Argentina, to Greece, to Puerto Rico, financial experts are advising to invest in Gold and Silver to protect your savings. Now Bitwage is looking to take Bitcoin and Gold to the cloud by offering a new service called “Cloud Savings.”

Bitwage enters the Gold Silver market

Bitwage provides a way for employees, freelancers, and contract workers to get paid their salaries in bitcoin instead of fiat currency. It is a convenient option for the person who wants to use bitcoin as a part of their investment strategy, save for retirement, or speculate on the market. Any percentage of a person’s salaried income can be quickly converted into bitcoin through Bitwage.

Now Bitwage has partnered with Bitreserve to create what they call “Cloud Savings.”  This gives customers the option to choose any portion of their salary to be split and held in 9 currencies and 4 precious metal, including US dollars, bitcoins, Euros, Pounds, Mexican Pesos, Indian Rupees, Gold, and Silver.

While in the long-term it is preferable to obtain physical possession of precious metals, if you invest in precious metal commodities. The two companies have created

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