Bitcoin’s Lead Developer Will Use Military Style ‘Checkpoints’ to Enforce 20MB Blocks

Size unequivocally doesn’t matter according to a new video clip expelled currently on YouTube featuring Bitcoin’s self-appointed lead developer, Mike Hearn.

The longest Bitcoin sequence is not indispensably a “correct” chain, generally if you’re articulate about a garland of comrade crybaby miners. Hearn explains:

Merchants and exchanges would be regulating Bitcoin XT. If we suppose this arrange of misfortune box unfolding (a Chinese mining consensus) happening, we would omit a longest chain, it doesn’t matter if it’s a longest chain.

This means a central bitcoin sequence will be a one regulating 20MB blocks and upheld by western remuneration processors and bitcoin exchanges, even if it’s not a longest chain. And to make these rules, a troops character checkpoint complement will be combined to firewall a Chinese traffic and forestall it from disrupting a new order.

And according to Hearn, if a Chinese mining village doesn’t it, they can start their possess Chinese altcoin and keep it cramped to a comrade territories.

If that’s unequivocally a case, it seems to me that Chinese Bitcoin is unsustainable and what we unequivocally need is a China-specific alt silver that can run wholly within a Chinese internet.

Until now, it had been believed

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