Bitcoin’s on a bull run again

The price of bitcoin has been climbing all year, even as a “civil war” has divided its community of developers, and an Australian man has claimed to be its creator in a highly orchestrated media spectacle in recent days.

Bitcoin is now trading at $457, according to the Bitcoin Price Index maintained by CoinDesk. That’s a few dollars off the highest daily “closing price” in the last 12 months that the index tracks, of $465 on Dec. 15. (Since bitcoin trading never stops, closing prices differ among indices and measures.)

And one of Silicon Valley’s best connected people, YCombinator president Sam Altman, thinks bitcoin is set to rise even more:

Here’s what the one-year BTCUSD price looks like:

It has been a busy year for bitcoin. A man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the cryptocurrency’s inventor, “unmasked” himself in a public relations spectacle last week (May 2). The price dipped slightly as the news broke, but it has regained its upward momentum since then.

In many respects, it doesn’t really

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