Bitcointalk still down… / reminder about passwords. 


The other day, Theymos alerted the world that his site bitcointalk one of the cornerstones of Bitcoinlandia, had been hacked. The hackers supposedly had access to the site for 12 minutes or so, which precipitated a shutdown for an estimated 24-36 hours.

36 or maybe even 48 hours later, it’s still down. Goes without saying that when it comes back online, changing your password will be if utmost importance. If you were in the habit of reusing passwords, then HOPEFULLY you’ve already changed your password on any other sites that shared that password. And used unique passwords for each site.

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Myself, being mostly MacOS and iOS centric, I use pwSafe to generate, store and synchronize passwords between devices. It’s not open source, true, but it’s the best option I can find for iOS. For windows users (and Linux users who care to use WINE), there’s Bruce Schneiers Password Safe (which pwSafe claims to be based on). I’m interested to hear what password management solutions exist for Linux (either RPM-based for RHEL, fedora, or Centos or Debian-based packages).

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