Bitfinex Talks about the Future but Not the Hack!

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Bitfinex, the exchange which got hacked last month leading to losses of about $72 million has released documents about its post hacking incident future. According to reports, the company has released documents detailing its plans to regain customer confidence and bounce back into the game.

The long document along with company’s current financial standing was shared by some of the cryptocurrency media outlets. The company reiterates that it is still profitable and accounts for various scenarios that may play out in the due course of time. Soon after losing its customers’ bitcoin deposits, the company had put on hold to its operations and started an investigation into the breach. Within weeks, the platform was back up and running with limited functionality. During this period Bitfinex decided to generalize the losses among all its customers at 36.067%.

With generalized losses, even the customers who weren’t affected by the hacking attack bore the burnt. In return, Bitfinex issued an equivalent in Bitfinex tokens to all the contributors, with a promise of compensating them in the near future. Bitfinex has also recently signed a letter of intent with cryptocurrency based crowd-investing platform BnkToTheFuture to raise further investments and to allow eligible BFX

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