bitFlyer: Wiping the Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Clean from Mt. Gox

Not too long ago, the once largest bitcoin exchange in the world, Mt. Gox, suffered hacking attacks that led to the loss of several bitcoin and client funds. Its CEO, Mark Karpeles, is still under investigation for allegedly tweaking the accounts to funnel money to his own pocket.

With that, the Japanese bitcoin exchange industry has been riddled with negative vibes, until bitFlyer came along. bitFlyer was launched by Yuzo Kano, a derivatives and convertible bonds trader at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., to recapture the market lost to Mt. Gox and hopefully restore confidence in the cryptocurrency network.

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bitFlyer Bitcoin Exchange Plans

From the very beginning, Kano was aware that the reputation of bitcoin in Japan needed to undergo a change. Because of that, he created a brand that was playful, fun, and honest – a strategy that has allowed bitFlyer to stay on top of the game even with stiff competition from existing bitcoin exchange companies such as BitOcean, Kraken and ANX.

The firm started with $1.6 million of funding, which happened to be the country’s biggest investment in bitcoin to date, then launched a crowd funding

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