BitForTip uses Bitcoin to Deliver an Attractive Service.

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What is Quite simply, BitForTip is a website that allows we to find improved cost understanding for an item/service we need. This is finished by simply depositing a tiny volume of Bitcoin with Bitfortip and seeking a doubt about anticipating a good deal. The chairman who finds a best understanding is rewarded with a best cryptocurrency to own.


After formulating an comment on, a complement will beget a Bitcoin wallet residence for we that is automatically connected to your account. You can deposition or repel Bitcoin to and from this comment wallet as we would with any other wallet, in sequence to possibly comment your comment to be means to ask some-more question, or to repel any distinction we done from responding other members’ questions.

Once you’ve saved your comment wallet with a smallest of 0.0001 BTC ($0.038 during a time of writing), we are prepared to post an inquiry. After entering compulsory sum (title, additional info, etc) we will be asked to put an volume of bitcoins in escrow from your comment wallet. Then we wait for a answers to hurl in.
When someone provides we with a “best answer” or

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