BitFury to Release Light Bulbs that Mine Bitcoin in 2015

BitFury, light bulbs

Following the revelation last week that BitFury had developed a prototype light bulb capable of mining bitcoin, the company has revealed it plans to market the devices to the public in 2015.

Though much about the market strategy remains in early stages, the news follows increasing reports that industry companies are attempting to find use cases for bitcoin in line with the broader trend toward connecting everyday devices to the Internet.

BitFury said it intends to invite the community to become a part of its rollout plans, and that it would solicit ideas on how the light bulbs should be marketed to a wider audience as part of a collaborative release.

In statements, CEO Valery Vavilov suggested that the goal of the project would be to galvanize interest in bitcoin as a technology, and that making any money on the initiative would be secondary to promoting discovery.

Vavilov said:

“We believe that the project’s focus should not be on making money from bitcoin mining, but on creating innovative solutions with main purpose to use this product for educational purposes and fun.”

The light bulb garnered significant attention on Reddit last week when pictures of the devices

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