Bitmari Brings Bitcoin Remittance to Zimbabwe


Bitmari is one such startup catering to the Zimbabwean remittance industry. Founded by Sinclair Skinner, an American bitcoin entrepreneur Bitmari is going to be officially launched in the coming weeks. Bitmari allows people outside the country to send money to those in Zimbabwe in the form of bitcoin.

Bitmari will be particularly useful to those migrant Zimbabweans who send money back home on a regular basis. While Bitmari offers its valuable service to Zimbabweans, it is an uphill task for the company to get people to adopt to its services. Many people in the country are still not familiar with bitcoin and it will take time for the startup to educate them and instill confidence in them to use its service over existing conventional money transfer services like Western Union, WorldRemit and Mukuru.

How Bitmari is going to fare is yet to be seen. But from what we feel, even if the service doesn’t catch up as expected, it will definitely create awareness about bitcoin among Zimbabweans and pave way for similar startups in the future to offer services similar to or even better than Bitmari.



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