BitPhone Offers Encrypted Voice and Video Calls Paid with Bitcoin

BitPhone Offers Encrypted Voice and Video Calls Paid with Bitcoin

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Freedom of association. Privacy. Free speech. Basic rights that many of us take for granted are under increased governmental scrutiny in today’s digital age. Private emails, phone calls and now web-based video calls are all routinely inspected in the name of national security, at least in Western cultures like the U.S. and Great Britain. The Guardian reports that Skype has provided “backdoors” to state-run surveillance programs like PRISM for years. In light of these disclosures, the tech and cryptography communities have stepped in to develop encrypted alternatives designed to preserve privacy, such as encrypted messaging like Telegram and Signal or financial privacy with Bitcoin and the blockchain.

BitPhone has started the new year off with an encrypted video “Web Call” feature that may help users beat the Skype surveillance blues, letting freedom ring once again.

Via BitPhone’s encrypted Web Call system, Bitcoin Magazine caught up with founder Gavin Stephens. The discussion focused on how quickly BitPhone has grown since the public launch of Bitphone Beta in July. With the new year, the company has already unveiled new BitPhone features based on customer demand. For example, besides encrypted video web calls, BitPhone now

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