BitPlutos Explains Benefits of Trading Binary Options with Bitcoin

Renowned and reputed binary options trading platform BitPlutos believes that Bitcoin provides a smoother way to trade in binary options.

The broker, which is counted among the few binary trading companies that accept Bitcoin, explained that how the price of Bitcoin—compared to other deposits/withdrawal methods—makes a perfect match for the binary options industry. It first highlights the speed at which Bitcoin transactions are executed, and further draws comparisons from traditional methods, whose transactions are sluggish as well as shady.

Bitcoin transactions are much faster, and if a user opts to select ‘zero confirmations’ the payment can be processed instantly,” BitPlutos stated. “‘Zero confirmations’ can be dicey, as users are able to reverse transactions before the payments have been validated in the blockchain, but even with just a few confirmations from the blockchain, a transaction of any amount can be completed in a matter of minutes.

“Cheap” is another reason BitPlutos provides in favor of Bitcoin. Compared to a normal bank wire or credit card transaction, transacting Bitcoin is known to be much cheaper in value (a few cents against the hefty $50 bank commissions).

Bitcoin dominates the entire market when it comes to competing on fees,” BitPlutos stated. The company further supported the digital currency for its decentralized status, a thing which keeps its supply away from the control of single entities like banks and governments, adding:

“The Cypriot crisis would have never happened if those savings accounts had been stored in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is owned by the people and it is maintained for the people with no strings attached.”

Last but not the least, BitPlutos reminds people of the privacy they receive by using Bitcoin as their primary method to trade binary options. To learn more about BitPlutos and their binary options trading services, please visit here.

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