Blockchain In Hyperdrive: Collaborative Effort Accelerates Forward

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Hyperledger-adds-new-members-including-NxtThe Hyperledger Project, a collaborative cross-industry forum fostering the advancement of blockchain innovation, just announced on August 30 that seventeen new organizations have joined the fold in an effort to develop distributed ledger, open standards for next-generation, transactional applications.

This global initiative encompasses a wide cross-section of industry leaders in finance, banking, the Internet of Things, supply chain management, manufacturing, and technology, among others. Participants are charged with sharing ideas in an effort to bring blockchain’s emerging technology to market.

The project is hosted by the Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium dedicated to fueling the growth of the computer operating system Linux, through standardization and technical collaboration. Dovetailing off of this, Hyperledger endeavors to boost the global business transaction movement by improving overall performance and reliability on the Blockchain network.

Through the curation of a framework that integrates different components for different use cases, the consortium is seeking to bring cohesion to a number of independent blockchain efforts that are in the process of developing protocols and standards. Included in the mix here are a number of existing blockchain projects already engaged in their own consensus and storage models as well as services involving contracts,

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