Blockchain Sets the Stage for Independence from Big Media

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Blockchain has invaded Finance... and is setting its sights on Media next

While the creative destruction of the financial sector by emerging blockchain technologies was immediately apparent to most, the blockchain-based projects continue to set their sights on disrupting the likes of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon streaming services. Recent developments show that the innovative technology now looks to flex its muscles in media, helping to put more power into the hands of artists and allowing for more choice for consumers.

Megaupload re-launch to incorporate Bitcoin

Kim Dotcom recently expressed his intention to bring back his file-sharing website Megaupload  and is looking at reinstating the old accounts for users with premium privileges.

The ‘raid’ mentioned by Kim refers to the shutdown of his file-sharing website, which had more than 150 million members, when U.S. authorities arrested him and several others for copyright infringement and racketeering back in January 2012. Anonymous attacked websites associated with the FBI and Universal Studios in response.  


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