Blockchain: The second phase of the digital revolution?

The digital currency Bitcoin has caused a lot of attention in recent years. The price has risen sharply. Over a period of three years, Bitcoin has even increased 238 percent against the US dollar. And within five years, the price has risen by the trifle of 19,000 percent. One reason for enthusiasm: China has devalued and is now trying to prevent its citizens from making money abroad. The bitcoin rate correlates nicely with the dollar rate against the yuan. Now the authorities are launching a new start to restrict Bitcoin trading. So far they have failed.

Bitcoins and similar cryptoscripts have hardly left their mark on the world markets – even if you can now buy bitcoins on Swiss ticket machines. In total, not even 20 billion dollars in such vehicles. By way of comparison, if we sum up all the government debt, we will have more than $ 200 trillion, or $ 200,000 billion, a thousandfold. From the estimated 630 trillion to 1.2 trillion dollars, which are in some derivatives, not to mention.

In the start-up as well as the financial sector, Bitcoin has nevertheless already broken. In the meantime, banks, companies and central banks have recognized the potential of the

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