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Blockchain wallet Jaxx to add litecoin to all platforms

Blockchain wallet Jaxx to add litecoin to all platformsDecentral, creators of universal blockchain wallet Jaxx, announced in a press release sent to CoinReport that as of Tuesday morning EST, Zcash is immediately available on seven of Jaxx’s nine platforms, with support for iPad and iPhone expected in the coming weeks.

Jaxx founder and CEO Anthony Di lorio said on the occasion, “There’s a lot of buzz and excitement around Zcash. Our team has worked hard to speed up the integration process, to test it appropriately, and to provide thousands of customers with access to this coin as soon as possible.”

Zcash CEO Zooko Wilcox commented, “Although Jaxx wallet doesn’t presently support all of the advanced privacy features of Zcash, it is a very easy way for people to access, send, and receive Zcash coins. I’m excited about Jaxx adding support for Zcash because it works on many different platforms and devices and it already supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Zcash intends to provide users with the capability to make confidential and selectively disclosable transactions, powered by its cryptocurrency, ZEC, said a previous press release CoinReport received. Zcash is well-placed to deliver the first privacy-focused payments that are integral to the protocol.

Blockchain wallet Jaxx to add litecoin to all platformsBlockchain wallet Jaxx to add litecoin to all platforms

Jaxx founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio

Di Iorio said in that release, “Zcash has garnered a lot of attention from all around the world and we at Jaxx have received a lot of interest from our users to have it available as soon as it launches. We will be able to offer Zcash on a number of different platforms, and are working well with the developers to enable a seamless integration. VCs have invested in Zcash, there’s cutting edge security technology behind it and that’s resulted in quite a lot chatter in the crypto community. Zcash holds an extraordinary amount of promise.”

Zcash functions via zero-knowledge proofs, with two parties receiving verified information without knowing who the other is, or seeing the data exchange that follows. Zcash trades and payments will see transactions published on a public blockchain, with the option of keeping the sender, recipient, and amount confidential, said the release.

Wilcox said, “Zcash is a new technology that lets you put encrypted data into a blockchain. Blockchains as they currently exist, don’t offer much (or any) control over the disclosure of the data that you put on the blockchain. Any data that you put in there is visible to all users of the blockchain. Zcash is the first protocol of its kind and is the accumulation of years of academic research, hard engineering work, and diligent security work. I’m happy to see that established companies with their own technology, strategy, and user base are already adding Zcash support. This is a sign of a robust and diverse Zcash ecosystem already beginning to grow.”

The type of zero-knowledge proof that Zcash uses is called a zk-SNARK, which is developed by a team of experienced cryptographers. zk-SNARK lets the network keep a secure ledger of balances without revealing the parties or amounts involved. As opposed to openly listing spend-authority and transaction values, the transaction metadata is encrypted and zk-SNARK is employed to substantiate that users are spending value they actually have ownership over.

Zcash is the fifth token Jaxx has integrated into its wallets in less than three months, with the first four tokens being litecoin, Ethereum Classic, DASH and augur.

“Jaxx has always been blockchain agnostic, but we listen very closely to the requests of our users. I’m extremely proud of what our team has been able to achieve by including so many popular tokens in such a short time. We will continue working around the clock to make these integrations and will include even more in the near future,” said Di Iorio.

More than 70,000 users have downloaded Jaxx since it was launched in June.

Images courtesy of Jaxx via PR firm Wachsman PR

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