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The enterprise level distributed ledger technology solutions provider Bloq has waded into the deeper waters of blockchain technology by announcing its very first product, a truly enterprise level product called BloqEnterprise. As the name suggests, this enterprise level solution is a comprehensive Blockchain-based operating system, BOS as it is called.

The BloqEnterprise allows companies to tap into the full potential of blockchain technology with tools that are capable of executing various operations on par with an operating system. It therefore enables users to create, customize, analyze and update blockchains.

The BloqEnterprise blockchain operating system can be used to create and edit private, public and permissioned blockchain types. In addition, the blockchain operating system also offers its own set of useful features to help with the development and maintenance of blockchain infrastructure and applications. BloqDev, the operating system includes a custom enterprise IDE for developing blockchain applications in Java, JavaScript, and Python.

The bitcoin full node, BloqRouter on BloqEnterprise is considered to be the most secure node, with an option to switch between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic. Enterprise users can monitor the analytics for various blockchain networks using BloqView. In addition to these features, BloqEnterprise comes with dedicated round the clock support and other professional services,

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