BREAKING: Satoshi Loyalists Upgrade to Bitcoin XT Before Deadline


Bitcoin enthusiasts a universe over have now reached a staggering crossroads. They can sojourn constant to Satoshi’s hand-picked successor, and switch over to Bitcoin XT that will underline new and authorized 20MB blocks, or they can stay with a bequest core and risk being left behind.

Last Friday, in a confidant pierce that would have done Nakamoto proud, Bitcoin Chief Scientist Gavin Andreson, announced that he would override a old-fashioned rule of gaining accord among core developers and folk Bitcoin with his crony himself Mike Hearn. Once these formula changes are implemented, people on a aged sequence risk be left stranded during sea.

The purpose of this routine is to infer to any doubters that they’d improved start ancillary bigger blocks or they’ll be left behind, and to give them a possibility to ascent before that happens.

Upgrading to a Bitcoin XT is as easy and downloading Bitcoin XT and duplicating your wallet.dat record over to a new directory. It is endorsed that users ascent to a new customer before a fork. If we don’t wish to get left behind, we can squeeze your duplicate of Bitcoin NT from Read more ... source: