BREAKING: Scrypt.CC to enable Bitcoin withdrawals and hashpower trading soon!

BREAKING: Scrypt.CC to enable Bitcoin withdrawals and hashpower trading soon!

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The Bitcoin community can breathe a sigh of relief! Online marketplace for cloud mining hash power Scrypt.CC  has just announced that it will enable Bitcoin withdrawals and hashpower trading soon. The announcement can be seen on the company’s website.

On June 22, Scrypt.CC became the victim of an online attack where hackers stole an undisclosed but a big amount of Bitcoin and hashing power. The attack took place when the admin Marcelo Santos was in the final step of finishing the server upgrade. The company had then advised the customers to not deposit any more funds as the hackers still had access to the website.

On June 24, hackers dared another attempt at the hashpower trading place and disappeared with the databases and the chat room with them. The company then said via its website that,

This doesn’t affect us at all since we have many images of the database before the attack. We’ll be up and running on a clean and safe server by tomorrow. Once we’re on the new server, we’ll rollback everyone’s KHS/BTC balances prior to the attack and you will be able to login once again.

Scrypt.CC estimated everything to be back in order by June 30th on the condition that there are no more attacks and everything runs according to the plan. Users will see their balances restored and available for withdrawals after the “relaunch.”

The company expects to cover a portion of the losses incurred using the current mining rewards.

Today, the company finished moving to a new server and is presently running audits on all of the accounts. Post the audits and verifications, users will be allowed to login and initiate their withdrawal requests and start trading

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