Brian Forde – Ex Tech Advisor for POTUS on Bitcoin’s Future

The Bitcoin community across the world have been trying hard to communicate to the masses about bitcoin, its advantages and its potential to change the world. Not many have believed in it so far, and the ones who did are already part of the Bitcoin community.

The Bitcoin community strives hard to get more people to adopt the digital currency may have found a new ally in the form of Brian Forde. Brian Forde is the former Tech Advisor for Barack Obama, the President of United States. After leaving his position as a Senior Advisor at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Forde is now the director of digital currency at MIT Media Labs. While attending the Atlantic Aspen Ideas Festival, he spoke about the potential of Bitcoin technology to change governance in the coming years.

Blockchain technology has found a wide range of applications in recent years, in comparison with bitcoin, the technology behind it is turning out to be more valuable. Governments, banks, financial institutions, real estate, healthcare industry and many other sectors are now looking for ways to incorporate Bitcoin technology into their processes.

According to Brian Forde, Bitcoin

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