Bridge Between Bitcoin and Regulatory Frameworks

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In contempt of the difficult hurdles bitcoin and other digital currency startups are left to handle, Coinbase CEO and co-founder Brian Armstrong believes that compliance is the key to bitcoin’s success.

Armstrong laid out a simple case; for bitcoin or ethereum users to purchase digital currencies on an exchange, they will have to utilize conventional and regulated forms of payment including bank transfers, credit card payments, and checks. Essentially, for users to convert government controlled assets, they need to be compliant with the existing laws on money and financial services.

Realistically, more bitcoin users purchase the digital currency through banking services than direct acquisition. That means, less people are capable of setting up mining rigs, getting paid in bitcoin, or setting up in-person meetings to purchase bitcoin physically from one another. Thus, for bitcoin exchanges to expand their reach, Armstrong believes that it is of utmost importance for exchanges to fully understand and embrace regulations instead of being competitive.

Armstrong’s analogy that digital currency is an island and exchanges are the bridge to the island is somewhat accurate. For digital currency or the island to attract customers, it needs to find a way to move people

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