Bridging the Gender Gap: 400 ‘Power Women in FinTech’

SWIFT Innotribe released a white paper entitled “Power Women in FinTech Index: Bridging the Gender Gap” at the Digital Finance Conference 2015 in Vancouver on June 3.

The paper is the first in a series planned by Innotribe, and presents a global index of 400 “powerful and impactful” women who “are beating the odds and building careers of their dreams” to occupy top positions in FinTech companies. Co-author Christine Duhaime, a financial regulatory lawyer and the executive director and co-founder of the Digital Finance Institute, writes:

“A growing body of research suggests that organizations founded by women or that take leadership roles by empowering women in FinTech are more innovative and return better financial results.” 

The authors state that the FinTech environment is promising for women because it offers “transformative powers” for success. It is “considered to be a disruptive force to the banking status quo,” as well as an “‘equalizing’ medium,” — for instance, between the banked and the unbanked.


Gender diversity, however, remains “hindered,” say the two authors, “by the continued stagnation of women in leadership positions and the continued depletion of female technology talent.”

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