British PlayPen Member Prosecuted After Nearly a Year of Fighting the Case

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2015, took control of PlayPen, one of the largest darknet child pornography websites. PlayPen members, one-by-one, were identified and prosecuted worldwide. Newcastle Crown Court, after notably lengthy proceedings, finalized the sentencing of another PlayPen member—Steven Archer.

Archer was another PlayPen member identified by the police in 2015. Like many of the accused, Archer fought the charges placed before him. In the US, many suspects battled the court over the legality of the evidence obtained by the FBI’s quasi-legal hack.

Archer fought the case differently; he was arrested with only one illegal photo in his possession and believed having only one was not as bad as those who had thousands. He similarly denied ever having the one photo he was found in possession of.

Prosecutor Paul Mitchell told the court: “This derives from an ongoing investigation run by the FBI in America. They have been investigating what is called the dark web, part of the internet people access in a way which is supposed to mask their identity from the authorities.”

The suspect repeatedly denied the allegations, the prosecutor claimed. The UK National Crime Agency received Archer’s IP address from the FBI but little else. Because of

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