BTCC Launches Limited Edition Titanium Physical Bitcoin

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BTCC, the leading Bitcoin exchange has introduced a new range of physical bitcoins made out of pure titanium. The BTCC Mint Physical Bitcoin is a collectible item which contains newly mined fresh bitcoins with no transaction history associated with it.

Launched few days ago, the BTCC Mint V Series physical bitcoins are lightweight and durable with a fine silvery grey finish which makes it look attractive. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing these physical bitcoins also comes with a tamper evident security feature in the form of a hologram sticker under which the private key is stored. The exchange has also taken some extra precautions while generating the private keys that goes on these physical bitcoins. Every coin carries a unique private key which is generated offline, to prevent the possibility of someone gaining access to it. The hologram makes it virtually impossible for anyone to make counterfeits.

In addition to the existing security features on the physical bitcoin, BTCC has added another layer of verification in the form of traceability. The public addresses of private keys on each physical bitcoin are published on the website and owners can search for those keys to verify whether the BTC Mint V Series Coin they

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